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Do you want to learn about the night sky with an astronomer? This Stargazing Made Simple taster course is for you! In this completely FREE course, you'll discover the beautiful stars and constellations that light up the four seasons of the night sky.

Abridged from the complete Stargazing Made Simple course, take a tour of the stars with over 30 minutes of video lessons, then test your knowledge with a challenging quiz!

You'll get access to downloadable star charts to support your learning, and you can come back and review the course material whenever you like. It's yours to keep as a student of Stargazing✦London - completely FREE!

Study at your own pace

Our courses are divided into easily digestible, individual video lessons with supporting downloads available directly from the interface.

Log in to your free Stargazing✦London account to access Stargazing Made Simple, and track your progress. Study on your home PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Even after you graduate, you can come back and review the course content as often as you like.

Star charts included!

Stargazing Made Simple includes resources to help you support your learning. This free taster comes with a selection of star charts covering each season of the night sky.

You can download the printer-friendly charts and make your own notes as you follow the video lessons. Create a simple stargazing plan no matter the time of year, and then practise translating your star charts to the real sky!

Suitable for millions of stargazers

The charts and guides in Stargazing Made Simple are generalised to be useful over a wide range of mid-northern latitudes.

Whether you're in the United States, Canada or Europe, you'll be able to find these stars and constellations using your downloadable charts.

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  The seasonal sky
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